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Lachrimæ – La Chimera: a fortuitous anagram? La Chimera, originally founded as a viole da gamba consort, goes back to its origins with the very apogee of consort. “Hypnotic, cutting, relentless, redemptive… portraits of our unique and individual sentiments”, the seven Teares or Lachrimae offer the possibility of an introspective voyage, through their extremely evocative titles (Old Tears, Forced Tears, Lover’s Tears…). Tears of Destiny We have

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Lachrimæ: straight to Dowland’s ❤️ with our NEW PROGRAM

Tales of a man at his deathbed La Chimera’s consort takes on the epitome of consort To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the consort’s formation, La Chimera presents Dowland’s masterpiece, with Zachary Wilder (tenor) and Eduardo Egüez (renaissance lute) as guests of honour. Book your ticket “Either he rages or he weeps, he who is not blessed by Fate”. Thus

Lachrimæ: straight to Dowland’s ❤️ with our NEW PROGRAM Read More »

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