Buenos Aires Madrigal


Then and now: Italy and Argentina

Furio Zanasi 
Ensemble La Chimera
Eduardo Egüez – direction

A journey through the fundamental themes present in these two worlds: emigration, loneliness, contrasts, absences, dance and death.

 A journey that begins a few years ago by listening to a seventeenth century Italian madrigal played by violas da gamba and which reveals an Argentine “flavor”, something that brings back to Buenos Aires through the reeds of a bandoneon.

An intense journey that crosses the regions of the soul and provokes emotion. After the first transcriptions, made to adapt the tangos to the sound of the set of viols, comes the great surprise – almost a conclusion of this journey – with the reading of the texts of the tangos and the discovery of their similarities with the Italian madrigals.

Love: happy or betrayed, disappointed or distant.

Departures: distance and return.

Faces: loved, lost, or desired…

This is how Buenos Aires Madrigal was born, with tangos and madrigals that sing, each in their own language, the great themes that have accompanied man throughout history, and that accompany each one of us human beings  throughout our own stories.


  • Sinfonia Eduardo Egüez, Gabriel Rivano
  • Ti lascio anima mia Girolamo Frescobaldi (arr. E. Egüez)
  • Vuelvo al sur Astor Piazzolla (impro. G. Rivano)
  • Volver Carlos Gardel (lyrics A. Le Pera , arr. E.Egüez)
  • Soledad Carlos Gardel (lyrics A. Le Pera, arr. F. Gato)
  • Solo e pensoso Luca Marenzio (lyrics by  F. Pertrarca, music by W. Lawes)
  • Garua Anìbal Troilo (lyrics E. Cadicamo, arr. F. Gato)
  • Voglio di vita uscir Claudio Monteverdi (arr. E. Egüez)
  • El dia que me quieras Carlos Gardel (lyrics A. Le Pera, arr. F. Gato)
  • Chiome d’oro Claudio Monteverdi
  • Uno Mariano Mores (lyrics E.S. Discépolo, arr. F. Gato)
  • Naranjo en Flor Virgilio Expòsito (lyrics H. Exposòsito, arr. F. Gato)
  • Ausencia Jorge Luis Borges (arr. F. Gato)
  • Lamento di Apollo F. Cavalli (lyrics G.F. Busenello, arr. E. Egüez)
  • Papas calientes Eduardo Arolas (1892-1924) (arr. D’Arienzo, adapt. Egüez)
  • Recercada I & II sopra i passamezzi, Diego Ortiz (1525-1570)
  • Milonga de mis Amores Pedro Laurens (arr. E. Egüez)
  • Canzone di Lontananza Sigismondo d’India (lyrics Giambattista Marino)
  • Sus ojos se cerraron Carlos Gardel (lyrics A. Le Pera, arr. E. Egüez)
  • El despertar Eduardo Egüez (lyrics J.L. Borges)
  • Il pianto di Orfeo Claudio Monterverdi (lyrics A.Striggio, arr. E. Egüez)

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